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Lorraine Manley

Bookings Ph: 0409 495 962

Lorraine is now available for face to face readings in Ipswich Most days, phone readings still available too. Please call or text Brian 0409495962 to book. Stay safe everyone.

My Story


I am married with two adult daughters I live in Ipswich, west of Brisbane. I was born in Sydney Australia in 1961 and have five brothers and two sisters. I am a third generation psychic-medium on my mother's side. My mum had been a very talented psychic-medium for over fifty years until she passed away from the terrible disease emphysema. She worked extremely hard with me focusing on helping me to develop my own abilities.

I was astounded, when at her funeral my mother appeared in front of me in spirit form. It was at that moment that I realised that yes! I am a psychic medium just as my mum and grandmother were before me. It was an incredible and mind blowing experience which put me well and truly on the path to this most amazing work.

I feel very blessed, fortunate and honoured to be able to make the connection between the physical and spirit world helping people to believe and accept that when the physical life ends the spirit life does not.

Thanks to the wonderful work of the spirit helpers who have chosen to work with me I have found that more often than not I have been able to reach on demand specific loved ones.

I have written my first book titled "ME? A PSYCHIC-MEDIUM?". Which is now available (See info on the Book & CD's page). It is my own story detailing my personal journey including all the ups and downs, tears and laughter which has helped me to become who I am today.










For Appointments

Email: enquiries@psychicmedium.net.au or Mobile: 0409 495 962

Disclaimer: Information and advice given in consultations must never take the place of qualified Medical, Legal or Professional advice.

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